The MES mechanical test team provides torsion testing of fasteners, rods, tubes, and other components.

Torsion testing provides material performance when subject to twist and shear loads. The sample is rigidly anchored at one end of the sample, while torsional loads are applied as a moment to the other end. The sample is twisted about its axis to a designated torsional load or degree of twist. The test is conducted to a proof torque or until failure of the test specimen due to overload.

Properties measured include shear yield, ultimate shear and shear modulus. Applications include medical supplies, automotive shafts, aerospace fasteners & switches, torsion springs, wire rods, and metal tools.

MES provides rapid inspection results at an affordable price. As an A2LA ISO 17025 accredited service provider, quality is our focus.



  • Up to 500 ft-lbs.

  • High-torsional stiffness and low-axial friction

  • Graphical data plots

  • Wide range of torque and angle data


  • Solid materials

  • Ability to clamp in chuck


  • ASTM A938

  • ASTM E143

  • ASTM F543

  • ISO 594

  • ISO 7800

  • ISO 7864

  • ISO 7886-1

  • ISO 6475